Consulting: Building a Framework for Customer Data Enablement

Actable can provide structured consulting engagements designed to right size the opportunity for customer data activation, develop a customized framework for activation, and chart a clear course for strategic, disciplined advancement.

Key areas of focus include assessments of:

Delivery: Delivering and Executing Customer Data Strategies

Our delivery practice takes ideas out of the theoretical realm and into reality. We bring an interdisciplinary ‘tiger team’ to your organization, ready to execute strategies our team develops or that accelerate previously-existing initiatives.

Services include but aren’t limited to:

Data Science as a Service: Enhancing Customer Data with Actable Data Sciences

Take your consumer data to the next level with predictive modeling and enrichments. Our Data Science team creates custom machine-learning models around your business goals and deploy them into your data environments and marketing systems.

Custom predictive models include but aren’t limited to:

Data Enrichments: Deepening Your Understanding of The Customer

Our machine learning models work in concert with additional data augmentation services, which take existing customer data sets and flesh them out, using either existing but disconnected data points, or purchased 3rd party data.

Typical examples include:

ID resolution