Our Work Isn't Always Visible, But It's Always Valuable

What Is a Customer Data Agency?

Actable is a customer data agency.  A customer data agency always starts with the customer, and data our clients have about them.  We are stewards of client 1st party data.  We help to organize, analyze, activate, and enrich those data sets.  These skills often bridge multiple organizations at our clients – marketing, technology, & business intelligence.  With a customer data agency, these skills come in one package.  We provide the skills to return client investment on their customer data with both strategic and practical technical skills for actual execution.  The work isn’t always visible, like a flashy brand campaign.  But it’s always valuable.

A customer data agency often starts an engagement as a consulting company might – with revenue-focused business problems.

  • How do I get a second orders from my first-time customers?
  • How do I drive more subscriptions from my email list?
In a practical sense our work means that we are:
  • Experts in CDP – Customer Data Platforms
    • Unlike the large consultancies, CDP is part of our core business – a core component of the majority of our engagements.
  • Experts in tying customer data to activations
    • We connect the valuable data that lives offline in client systems to activation channels. Our work bridges cloud infrastructure, marketing technologies, and downstream activation channels.
  • Experts in enriching customer data to make actionable insights
    • If our client is missing key data from its systems, we find the right data to supplement theirs to derive valuable insights and build powerful predictive algorithms.

Finally, a customer data agency like Actable helps to improves the customer::brand exchange with improved personalization and compliance.