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Are You Getting 20x ROI From Your Customer Data Platform?

Many companies are embracing the power of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) as a core part of their marketing stack. However, too many find that their investments are not producing sufficient ROI and that their marketing practices are largely still channel-specific even after their data has been synthesized. A well-deployed, well operated customer data platform should yield 10x - 20x ROI.

A well-deployed, well operated customer data platform should yield 10x - 20x ROI.


Everything you need to fully harness your customer data, from initial guidance to full operations & insights.

Actable provides 5 key areas of support to get you to success.


Taking reams of valuable customer data and compressing it into a CDP in a 30-90 day onboarding is a daunting task for companies who take on the challenge. Our use case-driven approach to implementation will get you to rapid value on the right CDP. Additionally, we can help with key data feeds upstream of the CDP that will help you optimize the new technology within your marketing & customer experiences.


Having a single customer view with a customer data platform is a huge advantage over your competitors. However, your data is often limited to what you can collect. You may be missing key demographic enrichments. Furthermore, the rollout of data science in your audiences is often a bottleneck to CDP adoption. Our Optimize offering can help you to gain access to more data about your users and better usage of custom ML models to help move customers down their journey with you.

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The CDP landscape is complicated, and choosing the right provider is a critical decision. We are seasoned veterans of buying, deploying and operating CDP technologies, and can help you craft the right use cases, structure RFPs, & evaluate vendors.


For years, marketers & companies have sought a single customer view. Many are surprised that once they have it, the problem shifts. If you have a single customer view, but your channel managers are the ones to act on it, who owns the audience? Actable’s Managed Service offering gives you an owner for the rollout of your CDP, better adoption within your marketing channels, and better audiences to target.


Our business intelligence solutions give you critical insight into customer journey, customer value, and cross-channel behaviors across the customer lifecycle.


We help businesses grow revenue through smarter marketing efforts across their entire customer life cycle.

Smarter Customer Acquisition

  • Decreased cost per acquisition.
  • Increase efficiencies.
  • Robust acquisition reporting.

Improved Monetization of Customers & Site Traffic

  • Cross-sell, upsell, renewal use cases.
  • Propensity Modeling for likely to repeat purchase or take key high-value action.
  • Custom ML models.

Targeted Renewals & Winback Offers

  • Targeted renewal offers.
  • Focused winback campaigns.
  • ML scoring to identify people likely to churn & keep them engaged in products

Cross-Channel Customer Engagement

  • Drive an 8-10% lift in overall marketing effectiveness through orchestrated and personalized cross-channel messaging.
  • Increase efficiencies through triggered exports to your Content Management System, your major ad channels, and your Email Service Provider.

Invaluable Insights About Customer Journey

  • Learn about what drives your customers, high value opportunities for segmentation and personalization across the customer journey.
  • Audience Learnings to drive new campaigns, create new products & accelerate funnel conversions.
  • BI focused on the customer journey.